Krasny's Motorcycle Shop is Temporarily Closed

Posted Sept 2022

Thanks For Your Support

Dana & I first want to thank all of you for the support over the last 14 years.

Working on Harley-Davidson motorcycles was a dream of mine for a long time. I was able to make that dream come true back in 2003 when I began training in Phoenix AZ.

Soon after graduating MMI, I began working at the local dealership and did so until I had another dream of owning and operating my own shop. I made that dream come true in July of 2008 when I started Motorcycle Service by the Book, LLC AKA Krasny's Motorcycle Shop. I hate to say it, but over the years that dream has became a nightmare. I worked my ass off during the spring and summer only to sit idle most of the cold months waiting for the next riding season kick off. I always felt that in the past it was worth it because the money was good during the riding season.

I was able to finally hire a top of the line mechanic (Randy Page) and take on even more work. Soon after Randy came to work for us, Dana and I secured a great location right on Topeka Blvd. I thought, boy howdy, we are really gonna make it big now and for several years we did pick up more clients and bigger jobs, but still we sat idle during the off months.

After the Covid scamdemic broke out, I had to let Randy go due to a steady decline of business. There was no one traveling much due to all the cool places we all liked to go being shut down because of social distancing mandates. Then the supply chain issues came and they are still messing things up. Tires and quality hard parts needed to perform repairs were on back order for indefinite periods of time. Things got really tough. So tough that I decided to start looking for full time employment in other industries. We closed down the old shop and Dana & I acquired another location in Carbondale, where we moved our shop, in order to keep working on motorcycles until I found a job that felt right for me.

That job has been located and I start work there on 09/06/2022. I will be giving all of my attention to my new employer for at least the next 4 to 5 months.

The future of Krasny's Motorcycle Shop

For the next several months, I will not be trying to run the bike shop at all. I would say by late winter I will be comfortable doing some more motorcycle work, but things will change.

1. You will be able to go to where ever you like to get your own parts, but do not expect me to use cheap shit to fix your ride. I will advise you on what brands to buy.

2. There will be no fast turn around times. I will be working full time at my new job and will only work a few evenings a week and a few weekends a month at the bike shop. So it might be a damn good idea to use the off season to get your ride ready for spring.

3. I will not do any engine design or building.

4. My main focus will be services, oil changes, clutches, tires, wheel bearings, brake jobs, rebuilding forks, charging systems, starting systems, rebuilding carburetors, electrical diagnostic and repair.

5. The shop FB page will be going away.

The shop email and phone number 785-271-5000 and website will remain in order, but do not expect rapid responses.

I am sorry this has to happen but it is what it is. I am really looking forward to my new job and will enjoy learning a new industry. Maybe I might find Harleys exciting again! I sure hope so! To quote my favorite Harley- Davidson instructor at MMI (Damon Rowe) "Welcome to fucking up your hobby!" Boy, was he right. Keep the shiny side up!

Thanks and have a Great Ride.

Bill & Dana Krasny